Assemble at the kiosk outside the main gate of Oak Mt. @ 6:30 AM.

We will drive to the South trailhead and start hiking (running) at 7:00 AM on the Yellow Trail

The runners will arrive at the North trailhead at 9:00 AM and the hikers at 10:00 AM.

15-minute break here to refill water bottles and a quick lunch of power bars.

Leave the North trailhead on the Blue trail and the hikers will arrive at Peavine Falls at 1:15 and the runners at 11:15. Resupply with water and eat another lunch and change socks if needed.

Runners depart on the White trail at 11:30 and the hikers depart at 1:45.

Take the White trail and cross the Red trail until you reach the Orange connector trail. Take the Orange back down to the Red and head back in the direction you came from.

The hikers will reach the Red trail at 2:45 and make the loop back to the Red and White junction at 3:45. The runners will make it back to the junction at 12:45.

Continue southwest on the Red trail until you reach the Green trail (hikers at 4:30 and the runners at 1:00) where you will turn down the mountain to the paved road. Take a left and head back to the cars. The hikers will finish at 5:00 PM and the runners at 1:30.

Scouts need to dress in layers for the weather(no heavy jackets) including a raincoat.

Wear or bring a hat, gloves, change of socks, personal first aid kit (including moleskin), one water bottle, two lunches, sunscreen, day pack and snacks.

Cut your toenails, eat a carb-loaded dinner the night before and eat breakfast on the morning of the hike.

This is a rain or shine event (except for thunderstorms or day-long sub-freezing temperatures).

Moms and siblings are welcome but NO DOGS.

If you have any questions, contact

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