Scouts BSA Adult Leader Training

Trained-GreenTo be fully trained as a Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster, an adult leader must complete the following training;

  • Youth Protection Training (YPT):
  • Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training (S24) (SMLST), which is taught as a classroom oriented program.
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (S11) (IOLS) a weekend, hands on training session.

Scout Master Position-Specific Training

Formerly called SMLST, this training is required for all Scout Masters and Assistant Scout Masters. It is a half day course and is taught in a classroom setting. This training is usually presented during Vulcan District Camporee each February as well as other times.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

At iOLS training, you will be immersed in the role of a typical “new scout” and will be placed in a patrol of other leaders. While in this patrol, you will experience the catalyst of scouting, which is “the patrol method”. This session involves a great deal of learning in the field rather than in a class room setting. Emphasis will be on learning practical Scouting skills that will prepare you to lead an outdoor scouting experience for your troop. You will constantly be working hands on, with the outdoor skills needed to pass off a scout from Tenderfoot to first Class. This weekend has always proven to be fun, exciting, and very important in discovering what the “Scouting Spirit” is all about.

Visit the Vulcan District training calendar and watch the Blog/News page for these training events. Other districts will have this training and you can take it with them as well.

Remember LBP’s admonishment that “every boy deserves a “Trained Leader”.

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