Vulcan District Camporee

2021 Vulcan District Camporee is February 19-21, 2021


Undoubtedly our Winter Camporee will look different this year because of COVID-19 concerns. This plan, we think, will make the camp safe for the campers and the staff.

These plans have evolved through much thought from key Scouting personnel, local health offices, local doctors, BSA National Camp Standards, as well as feedback from several camps that operated Summer Camps safely in 2020. We also request any ideas you may have.

Program changes to account for Social Distancing:

  • Events will be scattered throughout the available property
  • Discussions will be had to limit events, if necessary
  • Saturday night campfire will be eliminated
  • Friday night Fish Fry will still take place. We will not provide tents to gather to eat under. We will provide our traditional fish meal and dessert items. Meals will be served from behind plexiglass partitions and will be given to you in carryout containers. Staff will build several small campfires outside the serving area for you to eat and visit. Please bring your own chair so you can eat and visit with adult social distancing, or feel free to take the food back to your campsite for consumption.

Pre-Camp Procedure

  • If you are sick, stay home
  • Unit Leaders should check all before leaving their Scout Hut
  • Temperatures are to be taken upon arrival and each morning in camp
  • Participants are to wear masks
  • Troops will proceed directly to campsites
  • One leader will come to Registration to complete Check-in
  • Handwashing stations will be placed in common areas

Restricted Visitor Policy

  • Only registered participants are to be in Camp
  • Any exceptions must be approved by Camporee Chairman
  • Camporee Staff will post large signs at the entrance of our camp to instruct non-Scout Tannehill campers to not enter

Camporee information and schedules for Scouts BSA and Webelos can be found in the 2022 Vulcan District Camporee Guidebook.

Download the 2021 Vulcan Camporee Covid-19 Plan.

Units are asked to contact Camporee Chairman Steve Wolbach with an estimate of the number of attendees attending from your unit. It will help in their planning. 

Contact Steve with any questions or concerns.

Steve Wolbach
205 281-9807

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