Chief Ladiga Patch 600pxIf you haven’t been to the Chief Ladiga Trail you are missing out. It is a 33-mile long rail-trail in Cleburne and Calhoun counties. It has a paved surface and travels through the Talladega National Forest before connecting to Georgia’s Silver Comet Trail. You could ride your bike from Anniston to Atlanta on this trail.

Scout units have discovered this trail and have put it to good use. The only downside is there has been no patch to earn. And you know how Scouts love to earn a patch.

Luckily for us, Vulcan District’s own Roger Etherington has designed and produced a patch that can be purchased. The cost is $3 each and there are no requirements other than you having participated in an event on the Chief Ladiga Trail. Contact Roger Etherington to purchase you patch(es). All checks should be made out to “Troop 96.”

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