eagle_scout_medalIn May and June, the Vulcan District Eagle Boards of Review welcomed 14 new Eagle Scouts.  Congratulations to these Scouts, their Families, and their Troops on this tremendous achievement.

New Eagle Scouts Troop
Bowen Burleson Marchant 23
Daniel Harrah 23
George Keller 320
Mason Livingston Rummell 83
Samuel Abney Britton Neal, Jr. 53
Will Byrne 320
Jeffrey Bannon 96
Samuel Lambert Sherrod 96
Mason Cox 21
Robert F. Mann, III 96
Denzel Royal 97
Jared Melby 110
John Patrick Shields 1
Pierce Masters Jackson 76


As a reminder, lots of useful information on the Life to Eagle process can be found on the Vulcan District website at https://vulcandistrict.com/life-to-eagle/.

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