eagle_scout_medalOn Thursday, January 10, 2014, the Vulcan District Eagle Boards of Review welcomed 12 new Eagle Scouts to its ranks.  Congratulations to these Scouts, their Families and their Troops on this tremendous achievement.

Dylan Edward Marcrum 76
John Max Michel 76
Andrew L. Caskey 76
Jackson Winfield Carlile 83
Roe Baron Strickland 83
Craig Byram Cantley 28
Jonathan Allen Ferguson 63
Kirk Michael Thomas 63
Miles Bragdon-Hall 96
Andrew Stephen Coggin 69
Cody Michael Holt 23
Robert William Long 312


As a reminder for those who are working towards Eagle, Cooking is now a required Eagle Merit Badge. You and your Troop can find more information at the Official Scouting Magazine Blog.

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