Den-Leader-PatchCongratulations on becoming Den Leader. If I had to guess you are either a former scout who could not wait to get their son into Cub Scouts or you were the only one who stepped up to the job. No matter how you got the job you CAN be a big success as den leader. Sometimes all you need is a little direction and training. To help you as you move forward here are 8 weeks of things you can do to be a success.

Week 1

  • Create a MyScouting account and take Youth Protection Training.
  • Attend leaders’ meeting.
  • Ensure all Scouts have popcorn order forms and set a den popcorn blitz day.
  • Contact all members of your den.
  • Make sure that you have a good contact list with phone numbers, email and parents’ names.
  • Inform all your Cubs about when and where your den meetings will be held.
  • Make sure that parents know when you will be finished with your den meeting.
  • Recruit parents to assist with your den meeting.
  • Take position specific training.
  • Conduct first den meeting

Week 2

  • Conduct Den meeting.
  • Make sure all Scouts have popcorn materials.
  • Review Bobcat requirements with the Cubs.
  • Prepare a simple poster with the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack and Motto.
  • View sample den meetings obtained through the Council’s website
  • Consider signing up for additional Cub Scout Leader training in your district.

Week 3

  • Conduct second den meeting.
  • Review ideas available through Council website.
  • Turn in advancements to pack Advancement Chairman for pack meeting next week.

Week 4

  • Remind parents and Cubs of the pack meeting this week, ensure their attendance.
  • Arrive and greet all parents and Cubs to the pack meeting.
  • Conduct den’s part of the pack meeting.
  • Remind parents of date and time of the next pack meeting.

Week 5

  • Attend leaders’ meeting.
  • Agree to den’s part of the upcoming pack meeting.
  • Communicate any information from leaders’ meeting to parents (pack meeting date, District Cub Scout Campout, Popcorn sale, etc.).

Week 6

  • Conduct den meeting.
  • Follow up with popcorn sale.
  • Ensure that Cubs understand Bobcat requirements.
  • Keep communicating to parents about pack information.
  • Remind parents of popcorn order turn in date.

Week 7

  • Conduct den meeting.
  • Make sure that advancements are turned in to the Pack Advancement Chairman.
  • Ensure that parents are aware that their Cub will be getting awards in ceremony at the pack meeting.

Week 8

  • Arrive early at pack meeting to make sure that den is ready for their part of the meeting.
  • Greet all parents and Cubs at the meeting.
  • Encourage all Cubs on their participation during the pack meeting.
  • Turn in popcorn orders to the Popcorn Chairman.

Who is a Cub Scout Den Leader?
Cub Scout den leaders work directly with Cub Scouts and their parents/guardians to execute the Cub Scouting program in the den. Is at least 21 years old, and should be an experienced leader, but may be a parent or guardian of a boy in the den. Recommended by the Cubmaster after consultation with the parents and guardians of the Cub Scouts involved, and approved by the pack committee and chartered organization. Registered as an adult leader of BSA.

Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of Scouts, said it best, “The sport in scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.”

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