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Thanks for visiting This is the website and hub for information about the Vulcan District in the Greater Alabama Council. If you have landed on this page you probably came from the Digital Eagle email that was sent to you by the Greater Alabama Council. Now that you are here, let us point you in the right direction for the information you need.


Vulcan has many activities that happen annually. These activities have pages of their own and they are updated as needed. These include Camporee, Advance-O-Rama, Day of Service and Roundtable. You can view a list on the Activities page.

News and Stories

There are activities that happen every day in our units. We share these stories on our Blog/News page. If there are activities around the council we will share them here as well.

It would be a good idea to bookmark this page and return to it often. If you use a news reader service such as Feedly then you should bookmark this feed so new stories are sent to you as soon as they are available.

Eagle Scout Information

We have a page dedicated to those Life Scouts who are working towards their Eagle rank. Visit Life To Eagle for information and links to workbooks and other downloads to help in their quest for Eagle.

Adult Training

We want all of our leaders to become fully trained for their position. Our Adult Training page has information on become trained, links to training events and ways to get trained. You will also find forms for training awards as well as other adult awards and scholarships.

And finally we have the:

Vulcan District Calendar

Vulcan District has two calendars. One is for basic Vulcan District events and the other is the Training Calendar. You will find them on the sidebars of each pages and in a monthly calendar view on the Calendar page.

These calendars are kept by human beings and we try our best to keep up with changes in the district as well as the calendar posted at Make sure that you reach out to the event coordinators to be sure that the event date and time is still current. More than likely it is but as we say in scouting, “Be Prepared.”

Thanks for visiting and if you need any other information, reach out to the person coordinating the event you are interested in. You can also contact the Vulcan District Executive or use the number and/or email below in the footer.

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