One of the purposes of the blog posts on our website is to help share ideas, best practices, current events, basically any kind of information that could be beneficial to you as a leader, or to the operational functions of your unit. Everyone, everywhere can always use help with fundraising, allow us to introduce you to

If you are attached to a non-profit, or, if your unit has achieved non-profit/tax exempt status independently, then you are eligible to utilize

Good search is an internet search engine (similar to yahoo, google, etc.) except for every search you do, you can identify a non-profit/tax exempt entity who will receive a donation for you using this tool. There are also mechanisms to do online purchasing also. Your non-profit/tax exempt group, will receive payment once a month, or, has the check size reaches certain tiers that they will automatically cut the check for you.

Here’s the catch..
Initially, as you get started, the check may not be that big..What you want to do is get as many people using it, as often as possible. The more you can do that, the bigger the check you can get! Instead of google, goodsearch!

If you want to test it out, Vulcan District has an account. You can pick us as your charity (of course until you get your unit set up!) by entering Boy Scouts of America-Greater Alabama Council, Vulcan District under the “choose your cause” option.

If you have questions, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to answer them for you!

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