Of course you can find training and events on the Vulcan District calendar. Did you know that you can also find council events, council training and Coosa Lodge events on the Vulcan training calendar.

First off there are two places you can find a calendar at VulcanDistrict.com. Down the right side of most pages are the Vulcan District Calendar and Vulcan District Training Calendars. These are the next 6-8 events on the calendar so you can see what you need quickly.

If you look in the menu bar you will see Calendar. This will take you to a page with even more calendars.


The calendar page has a standard looking calendar with the ones that are in the sidebar. If you click on the arrow in the top right corner of the calendar you will find even more.


There is list of all the calendars that are available to you. Other than the Vulcan events and training you will see GAC Events, GAC Training and Coosa Lodge. Click on the check box to turn them off or on. The plan is to have all the districts have events and training calendars that we can share with each other.


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