William T. Hornaday Award

Hornaday Silver MedalThe fundamental purpose of the Hornaday Awards program is to encourage learning by the participants and to increase public awareness about natural resource conservation. Understanding and practicing sound stewardship of natural resources and environmental protection strengthens Scouting’s emphasis on respecting the outdoors. The goal of this awards program is to encourage and recognize truly outstanding efforts undertaken by Scouting units, Scouts and Venturers, adult Scouters, and other individuals, corporations, and institutions that have contributed significantly to natural resource conservation and environmental protection.

The Hornaday in the Greater Alabama Council

Back in 2014 Kristin Massie’s son, Daniel, wanted to learn more about the Hornaday Awards and how they could be obtained. During their research they soon figured out that there was not a lot of information available and what was available was difficult for youth to understand.  In order to help Daniel with the understanding of the program, Kristin decided to create a document that would help not only him but many other Scouts understand the specifics of the program by using tables, diagrams and language that was easy for youth to understand.

The William T. Hornaday Guide is available for you to download and let it help you on your quest for the Hornaday award and to further the preservation and future well-being of our local environments. Because of her work and commitment to this award, Kristin has taken on the role as Vulcan District Hornaday Award Counselor. If you would like more information on the Hornaday Award and how to get started, feel free to contact Kristin Massie.

Workbooks and Guides

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