Life To Eagle

The Vulcan District Board of Review is on the 2nd Thursday each month. Eagle applications are due on the last Thursday each month. 

The boards are held in Grace Hall at Southminster Presbyterian Church at 1124 Montgomery Hwy in Vestavia Hills.  Grace Hall is located on the right side of the sanctuary.

All project submissions should be presented using the most current version of the new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.

NOTE: The Eagle Workbooks cannot be opened in your Web Browser, you must right click on them and click “Save Link/Target As…” and save it to your computer. For Mac Users, hit control and click on the link and “Save Link As…”.

There are three important resources available to Eagle Candidates in the Vulcan District. The first is “A Guide to the New Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook” which contains detailed instructions for use by Vulcan District Scouts in completing the new Workbook, and guidance for the Vulcan District Eagle Review Process.

There is also the “Short Guide to the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook” which shows how Scouts can combine the Sections of the Workbook to make an effective presentation to the Board, and there is also the “Eagle Candidate Checklist“, which should be used by candidates as they present documents for review.

Eagle Scout Rank Advancement Application Download

Eagle Rank Letters of Recommendation Download
NOTE: Recommendation letters must be included in the candidate’s submission; they should not be mailed to the Council office.

Other Advancement

For an overview of advancements for all levels of scouting, refer to the Guide To Advancement 2015. You can also download a pdf version of the publication.



Tell The Vulcan District

When you have earned your Eagle rank we would like to let the rest of the Vulcan District know about it and post it on our news page. If you download this flyer it will give you all the information you need to submit your story to us. If you are planning to send a story to the Over The Mountain Journal, Homewood Star or other, send that information to us as well, along with a picture.

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