As we upgrade our website and media outlets, we have developed a few media resources for your usage to aid in promoting your events and your youth as they achieve their rank advancements. Hopefully, these resources will help you celebrate your units accomplishments in a broad way.

This template is designed for a press release for the young men that achieve their Eagle Rank in your troops. Keep in mind, this is a template and relevant information for the young man in question should be plugged in to the template as appropriate.

Recommended Eagle Template

With the increased usage in social media, these are some recommended options for units to take advantage of.

Social Media options for units

Similar as with the Eagle Press Release template, this is a sample release that you can model after to use for unit activities. Again, keep in mind, specific information needs to be inserted in the specific areas as noted.

sample press release-units


As one last resource on this post, the next link will take you to media contacts where you can share media releases regarding your activities and your youth.

Unit media contacts

Hopefully you find these resources helpful in telling your units story, if you have any questions or need additional assistance please drop us a line at

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