National Veteran’s Day Parade 2015, Birmingham, AL

Come participate in “The Largest Veterans Day Parade in America”

Who: All Scouting Packs, Troops, and Crews can participate in the parade.

What: A parade in downtown Birmingham honoring our Veterans.

When: Wednesday, November 11th. Parade Assembly: 11:00am    Parade Time: 1:30PM

Where: Assemble at the vacant lot beside Flowers Bakery (16th Street North between 11th Ave. N and 10th Ave. N.) On street parking available all around – the sooner you arrive, the shorter your walk.

How: Scouts are invited to walk in the parade and Packs, Troops, and Crews are invited to enter floats in the parade. The Parade Sponsors have suggested bringing photos of friends/relatives who are veterans or signs with the veteran’s name to hold during the parade.

Why: This parade is a great opportunity to create lifelong memories for all Scouts by demonstrating our patriotism and love for flag and country in the nation’s largest Veteran’s Day Parade.

What You Need to Know:

  • Do not register with the parade! Register with the Greater Alabama Council.
  • Recruitment: We’ll be recruiting approximately 55 scouts as flag carriers to lead the Scout formation. If your troop as a whole and/or individual Boy Scouts desire to be flag carriers please assemble at 17th Street, North & 9th Avenue, North not later than 12:00PM. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that we want to ensure our flag carriers are inspected and wearing very “squared away” uniforms. POC for flag formation is Rick DeFilippo, Cub Master Pack 326 (205) 823-3000 or If emailing please type in subject line all capital letters “SCOUTS VETERANS DAY FLAG FORMATION”.
  • Recruitment: We’ll also need 4-5 troop/pack scout leadership in uniform to guide with the flag formation. If interested please meet at the assembly area.
  • Formation: Behind the flag formation we’ll have Troops fall in followed by Packs. Since we’ll have the American flag, Alabama flag and a BSA flag leading the scout formation please only bring your Troop and/or Pack flag to march behind.
  • Be sure to bring water, as none will be provided. There will be a small amount of down time as the Scouting contingent joins the larger parade. Be prepared with snacks, games, or other activities to keep the interest of the Scouts.
  • No one is allowed to throw candy during the parade.
  • The parade route will be 1 ½ miles.
  • The Scouting Uniform is the proper attire for the parade.
  • The Guide to Safe Scouting requires the following for parade floats:
    • Transportation to and from the parade is not allowed on the truck or trailer.
    • Those persons riding, whether seated or standing, must be able to hold on to something stationary.
    • Legs should not hang over the side.
  • Parade Check-in Instructions:
    • Please fax or email the attached roster to Heather Mayfield. Fax: 970-0349/Email: not later than Wednesday, November 4th.
    • Units need to provide a list of Scouts participating in the event.

Download a flyer with the information above.

Download the roster form here.

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