The Greater Alabama Council has updated its agreement with the two Scout Shops that support our Council. Effective immediately the appropriate documentation required to be presented to Scout Shop personnel when purchasing rank advancement or merit badges is:

  • If your unit uses an automated system to track advancements, such as Troopmaster or Scoutbook and the system interfaces with the Official BSA system used to maintain advancement records, then you can email a facsimile of the advancement document (after uploading to the Official BSA system) to the Scout Shop at the email address listed below. You can then stop by to pick up your order. If you give the Scout Shops 24 hours advance notice, they will attempt to have your order assembled and ready for pickup when you arrive. You can also print a copy of the system generated advancement report and present this to Scout Shop personnel and they will use this document to fill your request.
  • If your unit uses the standard Advancement Report 34403, you will need to present the properly prepared and signed document to Scout Shop personnel. This document is the source to fill your order and to update official BSA advancement records. Council personnel will update Official BSA records.
  • If there is a need to acquire duplicates of previously issued badges such as lost, destroyed or part of an unserviceable uniform a couple of options are available. If possible present the badge award card issued with the rank badge or a copy of the original advancement document or just bring the unserviceable part of the uniform containing the items that need replacing.

When situations arise that require any deviation from these policies, please see anyone in either of the Council Service Centers for assistance.

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