BSA-Application-CoverWe receive a large number of applications for youth and adults which are not filled out and therefore we are not able to process. We try to communicate what is lacking back to unit leadership, when possible, but it often never gets resolved.

You can download a one page document on what you need to make sure is correct and complete. It is also below my signature. Otherwise, the application will go into a file box in a folder for your unit until corrected. If possible (sometimes the form does not have a unit number on it), I will send notification to the unit leadership of the application. It will be located at my desk and will be brought to each roundtable, beginning in August.

Also, I will be emailing to each unit, who is listed in the system as the unit Key 3 (Charter Organization Representative/COR, Committee Chair, Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor) These are the only people authorized to sign youth applications, and the Committee Chair and COR signatures are required on all adult applications. If they information is not correct, you must go through the application process to change/correct it. This has always been the policy.

You cannot send an email in saying you have a new person in one of these positions. To change a Key 3 member, you must turn in a complete adult application. For the outgoing individual, we need to know if they are staying with the unit or to be dropped, and where to register them, but they do not need to complete an application unless they are transitioning to another Key 3 position with the unit.

Moving Forward, if we will make sure the applications are complete, any funds needed are in your registration account, the application should be processed and changed in the system promptly.

The key 3 for each unit, have the ability in, to pull up the current roster for the unit, and even see key information such as Youth Protection Training expiration dates, so they are able to see when a youth or leader is added following the submission of an application.

If we work together, we can improve the processes, and correct most issues and errors.

Yours in Scouting,

Michael T. Wells
Senior District Executive
Vulcan District
Cell: 205-540-2302
Office: 205-969-4269


Reasons Applications delivered to office are not processed.

1. No unit identified. Without a unit number, we do not know which unit to process the information, and cannot cypher the unit by leader signature in most cases.

2. Lacking needed signatures.

a. Youth applications need the parent’s signature, and the unit leader signature. The unit leader signature, which must be the signature of one of the Key 3 in the unit. (Charter Organization Representative-COR, Committee Chairman-CC, or the Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor, as they are registered in Scoutnet).
b. Adult Applications need to have the applicants signature, and both the COR and the Committee Chair Signature.
c. Adult Applications must have Authorization Page Signed (this is the page opposite the application.

3. Cub Scout applications

a. Missing the youth’s Birthday
b. Missing their Grade in school
c. Missing Parent/Guardian information, Tigers must have the Parent/Guardian Date of Birth.

4. Adult Applications

a. Must have information on the Right side of application Completed.
b. Must have all information asked for, including Social Security Number.
c. Need a position code and description
d. Must include a copy of their Youth Protection Certificate.

5. If you change one of the Key 3 Positions in a unit, a new application must be submitted, even if the individual taking the position is already a Registered Adult with the unit. We cannot remove a Key 3 member in the unit without the completed new adult application.

6. If the Adult Application is for a new COR or Committee Chair, they can sign their own application on that required line.

7. Finally, the money for the registration needs to be in the registration account for the unit.

Without all the above items completed, the application ends up in a hold file. We try to follow up with the unit to get what is needed. Moving forward, if you would please make sure all items are complete and accurate, there should not be any issue with the timely processing of applications.

If a person is registered with a unit (Pack/Troop/Crew), or registered on the District or Council level, and they are joining another unit, you must submit a completed application to join the new unit. Example: a Pack Committee Member is also going to join a Troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster, they must complete a new Application for the Troop. However, if they are already a paid registered adult, they do not have to pay another registration fee, they are identified as a multiple registration.

ReChartering: At the time of rechartering, if you add anyone, Youth or Adult to the list, the Completed Application for each added individual MUST be submitted before the Charter can be processed.

Youth Protection is good for 2 years, and must be renewed. Adults who fail to keep this updated will either result in Charters not being processed, or the individual being dropped as a registered leader.

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