Rick Francis

I am very sorry to report the death of long-standing Vulcan District committee member, Rick Francis.  Rick had a fall during a trip to St. Louis over the weekend and died from complications relating to the fall yesterday.

We will always remember Rick as one of the most enthusiastic Scout leaders of our region and possibly the most single-minded advocate for the Wood Badge course ever.  (I really had no choice but to do Wood Badge once Rick made the decision.)  He was a big part of my Scouting life at Troop 28 and was always an encouraging and devoted friend.  Both of my sons spent long hours with him during their Scouting days and benefitted greatly from it.  Over time our Troop developed the frequently-used slogan “Thank you, Mr. Francis” to respond to virtually everything he said.

Rick was one of those people who would do virtually anything he could do to help you and someone who had a genuine interest in everyone he met.  I remember well during a time when I was struggling with family loss and was conflicted about whether I could continue in Scouting, Rick gave me the pep talk of my life.  He ended by saying that as long as you are needed, your life has meaning.  Rick was always needed, especially in Scouting and sometimes in a big way.  There is no doubt that his life had a great deal of meaning to all those he reached.  We will miss him

A memorial service will be held at 6 pm on Monday, August 11 at Independent Presbyterian Church, 3100 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama. Scouts and Scouters are requested to wear their Class A’s.

Yours in Scouting,

George Taylor
Vulcan District
Greater Alabama Council

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