Scout Expo

Everything You Need to Know About Scout Expo

September 21, 2017
Scout Square, Vestavia Hills
6-7:30 pm

Why should we come to Scout Expo?

  • Enjoy the fellowship of Scouting and get ideas for fun things to do.
  • Show off your skills.
  • Demonstrate the fun and skills of Scouting to people who might not be familiar with Scouting programs.
  • Tell prospects about your unit and give them an opportunity to join.
  • Door prizes
  • Climbing wall (sponsored by Mountain High Outfitters)
  • DaVinci Bridge (it’s awesome; wait till you see it)

We want to sign up. What’s next?

  • Plan Your Scout Expo Booth.
  • Pick a theme. (If you can’t think of an idea, look here.)
  • Reserve your spot and tell us your theme here,
  • Recruit Scouts to help.
  • See what other units are doing here.

Prepare your activity.

  • Practice the game, craft or skill with the rest of your unit; ensure your youth understand their leadership roles.
  • Prepare any materials needed.
  • Bring your table, tent (canopy), camp chairs or whatever else you need. (Nothing will be provided.)
  • One adult booth supervisor should be on duty at all times.
  • Bring your flag or banner to identify your unit and chartered organization.

What will make my booth awesome?

  • Make your activity lively and fun!
  • Show off your skills! Capitalize on things you know and can do well.
  • Be sure all youth members get in on the act–this is their show.
  • Schedule a rotation of youth to man your booth so everyone can walk around and enjoy the other displays.
  • Don’t forget the adult supervision at each booth.
  • Subject Knowledge Youth members should be conversant with the topic of the booth.
  • Scouts should be able to describe activities in their own words and answer questions about their booth.
  • Engage the audience; invite them to try their own cooking or be a participant in a game, take a quiz or try a skill.
  • Wear your uniform proudly and correctly. (Class A uniforms, please.)
  • A Scout is courteous at all times, especially when others are speaking or waiting in line.
  • Make sure activities are age-appropriate and follow the Guide to Safe Scouting safety rules.
  • If preparing food, make enough to share and post allergy alerts. (Bring paper goods.)
  • Have information about your unit available if someone asks. (Contacts; location, date and time of meetings, etc.)
  • Keep it simple.

How can I choose a great theme?

  • See the list of booth ideas, but feel free to come up with your own too.
  • For Cubs, look at monthly Cub Scout themes or Cub achievements and electives.
  • For Scouts, think about past Camporee events and merit badges you have enjoyed.
  • Review resources in Scout merit badge books.
  • Brainstorm booth possibilities, then determine which is best for your unit and Scouts.
  • Thoughts to consider: What do your boys do best? What are their interests?

Please remember:

  • If cooking or fires are required for your activity, plan for a raised area that will protect the environment.
  • Fire must be in a raised fire pit only.
  • Be prepared! Be ready to start at 6pm.
  • There will be no access to electricity.
  • On our event date, twilight will begin around 6:45pm; plan accordingly.
  • After cleanup and breakdown, the area should be the way you found it.
  • Bring trash bags so cleanup will be easy.
  • Leave No Trace.

Scout Square

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