As the weekend drew to a close, we took a moment to reflect upon Scouting and what it means to be a Scout.

The videos we have posted the past few days about ScoutFest were produced by Coosa Shows. Coosa Shows is a standard operating committee of Coosa Lodge, led by a youth chairman (under the age of 21) and operated under the direction of the Coosa Lodge Vice-Chief of Fellowship.

Their mission is to use modern technology and storytelling techniques to share and revitalize the ageless values and stories of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.

They plan and produce live-action shows and presentations, often supplemented by day-of video productions, at major events for Coosa Lodge, Greater Alabama Council, and OA Section SR-9.

All of this serves to build a platform upon which they can grow strong, competent, and capable youth leaders. Their alumni have included multiple Coosa Lodge chiefs, a two-term section chief, a NOAC Shows CVC, and several members of various committees at the Section, Region, and National level.

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