ScoutFest 2014 — Closing Video

As the weekend drew to a close, we took a moment to reflect upon Scouting and what it means to be a Scout. The videos we have posted the past few days about ScoutFest were produced by Coosa Shows. Coosa Shows is a standard operating committee of Coosa Lodge, led by a...

GoPro Fun at ScoutFest

Watch ScoutFest from a different perspective! We took some GoPro cameras out into ScoutFest, strapped them to anything that moved, and edited the best footage together into this entertaining video.

ScoutFest – Shake It Off!

There was dancing at ScoutFest! See what happened when dozens of Scouts and Scouters where asked to show their best dance moves. They had no idea that we were going to edit them into a music video! Here’s the result. Visit the Flickr page for more pictures of...

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