Troop 28 from Independent Presbyterian Church had an adventurous summer in 2014, sending 3 separate crews to High Adventure Bases.  In June a Troop 28 crew went to Philmont Scout Ranch.  During a 10-day trek our Philmont crew traveled 67.7 miles, with a total elevation gain of 13,500 feet, and only 10 minutes of rain for the entire trip!  Along the way the crew enjoyed bouldering, shooting a 30-06 rifle, black powder shooting, snow banks, horseback riding and an obstacle course.  One of our crew’s highest and most rewarding challenges was summiting the Tooth of Time with full backpacks over a steep gully trail that gained 3,000 feet in elevation in less than 2 miles.


Also in June a 19-man Troop 28 crew attended Sea Base in Marsh Harbor, Bahamas.  The crew spent a week aboard a sailboat sailing the crystal waters of the Abacos.  Scouts ran the boat, plotting and navigating the day’s course, raising and lowering the sails, working the anchor, and cooking.  The scouts also found plenty of time for fun.  Scouts had great fishing, catching snapper, grouper, and toothy barracuda.  They snorkeled coral reefs and shipwrecks.  And they visited Bahamian island towns and experienced Bahamian culture.


In July, an 8 man Troop 28 crew went to the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.  The mountain scenery was spectacular and the weather perfect—highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s.  During their week-long trip the crew focused on whitewater activities.  After some training, the crew kayaked on class 2 and 3 rapids.  One day the crew went whitewater rafting on a river that included multiple class 5 rapids, the highest classification for whitewater rapids.  The crew also found time for water football (played in kayaks), a 1,800 foot zip line, archery, shooting sports, and mountain biking.  A busy and fun trip for all!

In addition to sending 3 crews to high adventure camps, Troop 28 also went to Camp Sequoyah, where the troop contingent was so large the Troop had to be assigned 2 campsites.  In all, a very busy and exciting summer for Troop 28!  A special thanks to our Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters for helping make summer 2014 a big success.

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