A couple of years ago in the spring, we were doing an Introduction to Outdoor Leaders Skills course at Camp Sequoyah. Ralph Upchurch was my #2, and had just finished doing his famous fire building demonstration with Harold McNair. Ralph broke off from the group, and went into the back area of the campsite to relax, reflect, and prep for his nature class which was coming up shortly.

As he was standing, leaning against a tree, he heard something between his legs, and watched as this 42″ Copperhead slithered right between his feet and into some open ground. How or why the snake didn’t notice Ralph is a complete mystery. One suggestion was that since it was spring, he might have been groggy, and just looking for a sunny spot to warm up with.

In any case Ralph sent him to Copperhead heaven and we all had a good laugh – but we all watched our steps for the rest of the weekend.

Dean Snow
Vulcan Training Chairman

SMLST Training will be held during the Vulcan District Camporee on February 15 followed by OLS on February 28. To find out more and to sign up, visit the Boy Scout Leader Training Page.

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