Commissioners CornerWhat is a Unit Commissioner?
Your Unit Commissioner (UC) is your liaison between your Pack, Troop or Crew and the Vulcan District. The mission of the Commissioner Service is to help you keep your unit operating at maximum efficiency by visiting regularly, informing you of training opportunities from the District, Council and beyond, and helping you resolve problems as they arise.

Your UC will also help your unit to work with your Charter Organization, have an effective unit Committee, and advise on how to complete the requirements for Journey to Excellence. Each year the Commissioner Service is tasked with managing the recharter process for the District and they will assist you complete that process.

Their job is to know the scouting program, keep up to date as the program changes and help your unit through recruiting and leader changes. They are your “scouting expert” although they will not know everything about all aspects of the program, they have access to resources, other commissioners and council staff, and can find the answers to any question.

Who can be a Unit Commissioner?
Any adult with an interest in helping scout units succeed. Usually they have had some previous involvement with scouting. They should not be registered leaders in another capacity and should not be assigned to their own unit or chartered organization, so they can maintain objectivity when asked for advice.

What are the qualities of this Scouting diplomat? There is no single description that fits all situations. So, consider the following qualities that may be needed by a successful commissioner:

  • Be an effective communicator
  • Be a good listener
  • Have sound judgment
  • Be tactful
  • Have a Scouting background or be a fast-track learner
  • Be persistent and patient
  • Be adaptable
  • Know and practice Scouting ideals
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Fulfill promises
  • Be a team player

Do you know someone who would be an effective Unit Commissioner? If so please nominate them to our District Commissioner, Peter Bosworth at


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