Screenshot 2014-06-23 16.56.31 Screenshot 2014-06-23 16.56.23GREAT WEEK AT CUB DAY CAMP
I want to thank all of the volunteers who made The Vulcan District Day Camp a Great Week for all the Cubs. We had presentation on Edible Plants from our Scout Executive, JT Dabbs, a presentation on Reptiles (snakes) at the Wildlife Center, Science Experiments from the McWane Center, and Predatory Bird demonstration. Put that together with Science, Nature, Field Sports, BB guns, Bows & Arrows, Slingshots, Kool Crafts, and Friday water fun and water rockets, and you have a great week.

September 13, 2014, Canterbury United Methodist Church. A list of Merit Badges being offered and the Registration will be available by mid-July, so watch the District Website. Keep in mind that walk in registration the day of the event is not allowed. The Vulcan District Advance-O-Rama is sponsored by the Vulcan District, Greater Alabama Council. All registered Boy Scouts are welcome to participate regardless of Council or District. The registration fee is $12.00 per Scout which includes lunch. Additional activity fees may be required for the individual class. Registration is by Troop only. Individual scouts should register through their Troop and one Troop representative should handle website registration and troop payment. Each Troop is required to designate a registered adult leader responsible for the Troop on the day of the event. Class confirmations, changes, and questions will be conducted at the Help Desk prior to orientation; from8:15 – 9:00. Signs will direct you to the Help Desk

Saturday, June 28th, and Saturday, July 19th. Time: 4pm to 10pm. Cost for Scouts attending in uniform is $7.00, half the cost of normal registration. A Telescope will be given as a Door Prize at each session. Go to the BAS website to register and for further information.

September 13, at the Sixth Street Baptist Church, the Birmingham District is offering Cub Scout Leader Training. Check in at 8am, with the classes starting at 9. Completion online of Youth Protection Training and This is Scouting is required, bring certification with you for verification. Registration and flyer will be up soon at the Birmingham District Website:

October 11, Samford University. The Vulcan & Birmingham Districts along with support from 3Rivers and Shelby, will be offering the following courses:

  • Cub Scout Basic Leader Training**
  • Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training (SMLST)**
  • Unit Committee Training**
  • District Commissioner Training**
  • BALOO Training**
  • Trainer’s EDGE**
  • Den Chief Training (1st Class and above, Requires Scoutmaster’s Approval)
  • Introduction to Leadership Skills For Troops (Requires Scoutmaster’s Approval)

All adult courses require Completion of the online courses for Youth Protection and This Is Scouting. Fast Start Training Required for Position Specific Courses.

All Registration will be online, Registration Site Will be active by July 20th. Watch the Vulcan District Website for more information.

The Vulcan District Popcorn Kickoff is July 24th. Location will be announced in the next Digital Eagle.

Dates are being set with the area Schools for fall recruiting. School Night for Scouting Training is Thursday, July 31st, at the Scout Office.

The Greater Alabama Council is thrilled to announce that we are adding a 6th week at Camp Sequoayh designed specifically for those Scouts that want to experience more summer camp. Scouts register to attend as individuals instead of with a troop. No adult leaders are required. The Camp Sequoyah Staff will provide instruction and be your Scout leader for the week. Each Scout will be assigned a campsite and adult staff members will provide leadership. Scouts can then focus their attention on merit badges and activities they really enjoyed or did not get to do during regular summer camp. For more information, go to this link.
Currently, almost all the pins for units in the Vulcan District are generic, or inactive. The Key 3 for every unit in Vulcan District needs to go to, and update their unit’s contact information.

Each unit can list 2 contacts, their website, facebook, give special announcements (like when is their school night or what school they recruit from), meeting times, and if the unit meets at a different location then the chartering organization they can put that there. The unit can even have a different logo if they would like.

If you would like to review the webinar on this, you may watch it at this link.

What is a Webelos Resident Camp?
Webelos Resident Camp is four days and three nights of Scouting fun and adventure at Camp Comer! It provides Webelos Scouts a taste of the summer camp excitement they will enjoy when they become Boy Scouts, and to offer the opportunity to complete some, if not all, of the requirements for select Webelos Activity Pins.

Who can attend?
Resident Camp is open to all boys currently registered as Bears (rising Webelos I Scouts) or Webelos I Scouts (rising second-year Webelos). If you are going into the 4th or 5th grade, this is for you.

How much does it cost?
The cost for each Scout to attend is $135.00. The first adult leader is free with a minimum of 4 registered Webelos from your unit. The fee for each additional adult leader is $55.00. Payment of all fees must be submitted along with the Webelos Resident Camp Registration Form. All registration forms, rosters and fees must be submitted to the Council no later than July 7, 2014.

What will the Webelos do at camp?
Webelos Scouts attending the Webelos Resident Camp will be exposed to a wide range of activities for completion of activity pins. Webelos I Activity Pin programs may include Aquanaut, Naturalist, Geologist, Forester, Engineer, Scientist, Sportsman, Showman, or Artist. Webelos II Activity Pin programs may include Aquanaut, Outdoorsman, or Handyman. Activity Pins offered at the 2014 Webelos Resident Camp are subject to change, depending on course demand, volunteer staffing, and weather.

How does my Webelos Den Register?
Download the Leaders Guide, everything you need is in the Guide.

KEY DATES UPCOMING!!!Start Planning NOW!!!
Watch for more info at &
July 24 – Vulcan District Popcorn Kickoff
July 25 – Scouts on Ice
July 31 – School Night for Scouting Training, All units must be represented.
August 7 – Cookout/Roundtable – All Adults are invited
August 28 – Vulcan OA Chapter Meeting
September 4 – Vulcan District Roundtable– All Adults are invited
September 13 – Vulcan District Advance-O-Rama
September 13 – Cub Scout Leader Specific Training (Birmingham District)
September 20 – Cub Scout Fishing Rodeo, Oak Mountain State Park
September 25 – Vulcan OA Chapter Meeting
September 27 – Vulcan District Cast Iron Chef Cooking Competition
October 2 – Vulcan District Roundtable– All Adults are invited
October 5 – Cub Scout Safari at the Birmingham Zoo
October 11 – Vulcan/Birmingham District Training Day, Samford University
October 10-12 – Cub Haunted
October 17-19 – Cub Haunted
October 24-26 – Cub Haunted
October 30 – Vulcan OA Chapter Meeting
November 1 – Vulcan District Cubmobile Race (Bears and Webelos)
November 1-2 – IOLS Training
November 6 – Vulcan District Roundtable– All Adults are invited
November 7-9 – ScoutFest, Point Mallard
November 11 – Veteran’s Day Parade
November 14-15 – Cub Space Quest
November 20 – Vulcan OA Chapter Meeting
November 21-22 – Cub Space Quest’
December 4 – Vulcan District Roundtable– All Adults are invited

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