Vulcan District Committee


District Chairman Mason Ellenberger
District Vice Chairman Steven Benefield
District Commissioner Peter Bosworth
Cub Roundtable Commissioner Wanda Ellenberger
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Bill Cather
District Vice Chairman, Marketing, Webmaster Shawn Wright
Video Productions Stasi Bara
District Vice Chairman, Training Katy Anderson
Activities / Program Chairman Roger Etherington
Camporee Chairman Steve Wolbach
District Banquet Chairman Chris Morhard
Advancement Chairman Don Russell
Eagle Board Chair Perry Cronin
Religious Emblems Coordinator Kristin Massie
Camping Chairman Bill Cather
District Vice Chair, Finance David Keith
Friends of Scouting/AVL David Dowd
Hornaday Awards Counselor Kristin Massie
Membership Chairman Kimberly Cook
Cub Scout New Unit Chairman Kristin Massie
Boy Scout New Unit Chairman Kimberly Cook
Venturing New Unit Chairman David Dowd
Past Chairman David Keith
David Dowd
Loring Jones, III
George Taylor, III
District Executive Will McIntyre
Members At Large Vic Adamo
Mark Boackle
Kelly Byrne
Joe Finkel
Karen Fowler
Justin Kelly
Kendall Hollman
John Hornsby
Harold McNair
David Philpott
Hunter Pickett
Walter Rush, Jr.
Robert Scott
Dean Snow
Dan Strunk
Wes Templeton
Charles Vianey
L. Andrew Augustus


Key 3


The Vulcan District Key 3 is composed of the following board members:

Mason Ellenberger

Peter Bosworth
District Commissioner

Joshua Warren
District Executive

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