Read those two URLs quickly and you might not notice a difference – which may be why a lot of volunteers have questions about the differences between and

If you’re confused about which site houses which resources, never fear. We hear you!

The gist: is transitioning to become one easy-to-use spot for volunteer resources. While you may be heading to regularly right now, expect the site’s tools to be migrated to in the near future.

What Updates Are Coming to my.Scouting Tools This Week

To reduce some of the uncertainty regarding where to go to access tools you need, significant changes will be made to both the and my.Scouting Tools sites over the next coming weeks.

Starting Thursday, July 16, the following program links will be removed from’s column list and become accessible in my.Scouting Tools under Legacy Web Tools in the Home menu list:

  • Internet Advancement
  • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course
  • Service Hours Reporting

Additionally, we’re removing outdated links and resources. More changes are coming, so check back often as we work to make my.Scouting Tools the one place to go for all your needs!

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