Amazon Boy Scout Books

If you prefer to read your books on an electronic device then you are in luck. At the Boy Scouts of America’s Amazon Kindle Library you can download, search and read selected merit badge pamphlets, leader materials and the BSA Fieldbook on Kindle devices or via the Kindle app on phones and tablets.

If you are not familiar with Kindle don’t worry. Pretty much every phone and tablet, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows Phones and yes, even Kindles have a Kindle reader that lets you access your Kindle books. The best part: If you buy a book once, you can view it on any of your devices. The apps will remember your bookmarks, highlights and where you stopped reading.

A lot of scouts depend on their troop merit badge book library when starting work on a merit badge. I encourage you to continue to support this resource even if you start to make the transition to ebooks. There are opportunities to loan a Kindle book. It depends on the publisher which in our case is the Boy Scouts of America and I not sure of their policy at this time.

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