The Vulcan District held their September roundtable meeting at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Scouts and families who attended the event viewed the exhibit “Lethal Beauty.” This is a renowned collection of samurai weapons and armor from the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture. We explored the samurai warrior class who served Japan through periods of intense warfare, as well as periods of peace and cultural brilliance.The sword was the soul of the samurai, and they lavished great attention on their weapons and armor, creating stunning works of lethal beauty.

Special thanks to Terry Beckham for setting up this viewing for us. He also made sure that we saw the exhibit on Norman Rockwell last year.

Scouts lead the pledge at Roundtable

Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner David Keith and area scouts lead the attendees in the boy scout oath and law.

Scouts viewing the samurai exhibit at the museum of art

Scouts, leaders and parents view samurai swords.

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